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Gucci Irina Medium Tote with Double Handles

The Irina Medium Tote is crafted from a whole piece of turquoise crocodile leather with brass hardware. Shiny gold studs beset on the double handles and around the top reveal that it is a bag with vigor and enthusiasm. And the design of inside zip and cell phone pockets is very practical and considerate.


Gucci Babouska Large Tote with Double Handles

It believes that Gucci clients are more prefer a realistic image of confident, pleasant and of curious, rather than a party queen stepping down from a luxurious car. We can easily see the transformation from its handbags. Let's take this Gucci Babouska large tote as an example.


Gucci Irina, Bohemian Imagination

It is the rule of smart copy or creative conservation? As the faithful Gucci aficionado, I wait a long time and hope a handbag will accentuate my look. Till Gucci Irina bag comes out.


Gucci Joy Mini Boston Bag with Double Handles

At that time, I always imaged that I was an elegant princess dressing a white gorgeous skirt and carrying such kind of bag. Now thanks to the Gucci Joy Mini Boston Bag, it gives me the opportunity to realize my dream of princess.


Gucci Medium Backpack with Adjustable Straps

I actually more prefer handbags, but at certain times, a girl needs to switch things up. Therefore a backpack is a must for a girl. Fancy backpacks were popular in the 1990s, and now it is back in fashion. Gucci is also dedicated to make it happen with their new medium leather backpacks.


Gucci Ladies Web Medium Hobo

Gucci Ladies Web Medium Hobo belongs to this item. Served as a grab-and-go handbag for your everyday activities, this handbag even on a daily basis to somewhat gives your simple casual look a touch of style.


Gucci Hysteria Clutch

There may be many criteria to define fashion, and I believe that originality is the most important factor. Then, how could one love the Gucci Hysteria Clutch 09 again and can it fashion? I just can not figure out. As far as I know, Gucci released a similar clutch last season under the same name.


Gucci Tribeca Medium Messenger Bag

Bag aficionados may feel a little bit disappointed by the revamping designs with classic elements which Gucci has inherited or been too lazy to change for years. Luckily, there still is still silver lining among abundant clich├ęs, such as the Tribeca Medium Shoulder Bag.


Gucci Joy Medium Tote with Double Straps

People who are fond of fashion, and are consumed with a love of the evolution of style, will enjoy searching for and purchasing Gucci Joy Tote, a popular and sought-after item as replicating Gucci vintage design.


Companionship of Gucci New Jackie Large Shoulder Bag

The "New Jackie" bag offered by Gucci is really a kind and cheerful friend, a true ode to the uncompromised quality and luxury for which Gucci is renowned. A good bag is often the best urn of life enshrining the best that life could think out; for the world of a man's life is, for the most part, but the world of fashion.

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