THE TOP TEN Most Famous Haunted Hotels
Kelly DiNardo

Spooky lodgings from Scotland to San Diego

In the early Thirties, a young woman is to be married in the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California. Her fiancé leaves her at the altar, and that night she hangs herself in the hotel's basement. Today guests report hearing high-heeled footsteps against hardwood floors...even though the hotel is carpeted...
Kelly DiNardo Spooky lodgings from Scotland to San Diego In the early Thirties, a young woman is to be married in the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, ...  more


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Hotel del Coronado

On Thanksgiving Day in the late 1800s, Kate Morgan went to meet her estranged husband at the Hotel del Coronado. He never showed up and her body was found on the steps leading to the ocean. It remains unclear whether she was murdered or committed suicide. Guests in room 3327, where she stayed, have reported hearing and seeing all sorts of spooky things.


Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

In 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home. Their daughter Lizzie was accused of killing them, but was never found guilty and the case remains unsolved. Guests have reported hearing a child laughing or seeing the faint outline of a face in their photos.


The Stanley Hotel

The hotel reports several spirits, but the most notable are those of the original owner, F.O. Stanley and his wife, Flora. She used to entertain guests by playing the piano and staff report hearing music from that room or the piano keys moving even when the music stops as they enter. When horror writer Stephen King stayed in room 217 he was inspired to write The Shining.


Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel is chock-full of stories, and they run a ghost tour year round. One story involves a mason worker who helped build the hotel. He plunged to his death in what is now Room 218 and guest have witnessed hands coming out of bathroom mirrors and doors slamming shut. Other tales from the hotel involve a fake doctor and the hospital he set up in the basement of the hotel.


The Hay-Adams Hotel

Washington, D.C.
When Henry Adams was in the final stages of building his mansion on Lafayette Square, his wife Clover committed suicide. While some wondered if it was murder, Clover suffered from depression and had recently lost her father. Hotel staff report a variety of activity like the sounds of a woman crying. The purported ghostly activity is the most frequent during the first two weeks of December when Clover died.


Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Each morning railroad magnate Samuel Spencer would read the paper over coffee at the exclusive hunt club. In 1906 he was killed in a train accident. Guests and club members have found copies of their newspaper moved or disturbed and their coffee cups sipped on ever since.


Hotel Monteleone

In the late 1800s Josephine and Jacques Begere were staying at this New Orleans hotel and left their son with the nanny. When they returned to the hotel the horse was startled and sent Jacques flying from the buggy, killing him instantly. Josephine died within a year. Guests have reported seeing the couple’s son Maurice roaming the halls of the 14th floor looking for his parents.


Hotel El Convento

When Doña Ana lost her husband in a battle with the Dutch, she donated her self and her home to God. The site became a convent and she was first to enter the cloister. Today, the site is the Hotel El Convento and guests talk about seeing Doña Ana walking the halls in prayer.
Puerto Rico


Shieldhill Castle

Edinburgh, Scotland
Visitors often tell tales of “The Grey Lady,” who roams the halls of the Shieldhill Castle. It is believed that she was the daughter of the Chancellor family, who owned the house until the '50s. She fell in love with one of the servants and when her father forbade the marriage, she committed suicide.


Toftaholm Herrgrd

Toftaholm, Sweden
When the hotel along the shore of Lake Vidostern was a private home, a peasant boy fell in love with the baron’s daughter. The baron forced his daughter into an arranged wedding and on the morning of her wedding, the peasant boy hanged himself in the rafters of what is now room 324. His spirit still haunts the room.

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