THE TOP TEN Must Have (Video) Games in 2010
By this time of the year, we have little to look forward to, as we patiently await new announcements from the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year, however, that’s not the case. We have several games due in the next few months, including sequels to various hit franchises and a number of original titles. There are so many, in fact, that we struggled putting together a list of ten games we cannot wait to play. We even managed to cut Alan Wake, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Gran Turismo 5 and Super Street Fighter IV. So without further ado, we present 2010’s ten must haves.
By this time of the year, we have little to look forward to, as we patiently await new announcements from the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year, howev...  more


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Bioshock 2 (2K Games/Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

The original Bioshock is one of the best first-person shooters ever made, so there’s no doubt the sequel received plenty of buzz. This time around, you play as a modified Big Daddy, locating little sisters while occasionally fighting nimble, armed-to-the-teeth Big Sisters. You’ll see a different side of Rapture, one that’s even more in-depth than the first. Finally, there’s multiplayer. Let the battle of the Big Daddies commence.


God of War III (SCEA/PlayStation 3)

Kratos’ saga is almost over, and Sony will end it with a bang. God of War III pits the battle-ready warrior against bigger and badder threats, including various beasts, gods and soldiers. He has multiple weapons to choose from, including a pair of gauntlets that help him pummel enemies. The outstanding gameplay and bloody visuals should make this an instant hit for the PlayStation 3.


Halo Reach (Microsoft/Xbox 360)

Little is known about Bungie’s final hurrah with the Halo franchise, except that a beta is set to launch sometime in early 2010, months before the game’s summer release. Supposed screenshots leaked around the net about a month ago, showcasing new weapons and a vast location to use them in, but aside from that, there’s nothing officially confirmed about the game. No matter. Bungie has done well with the first-person shooting series thus far, and Halo Reach should be an outstanding conclusion to the saga.


Dead Rising 2 (Capcom/Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

Zombies, zombies everywhere. That was the case with the original Dead Rising, and that’s the same formula for part two, which takes place in the Las Vegas inspired Fortune City. In this adventure, you play a rebellious motocross champion named Chuck Greene, who uses everything from a moose head to a dual-chainsaw motorcycle to a large sphere-shaped rollcage to kill the undead. The first game thrived on its carnage, but the second one looks to go even further. In addition, there’s also multiplayer, so you can compete with friends to see who achieves the highest body count.


Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction (Ubisoft/Xbox 360)

The latest Splinter Cell has been a long time coming, originally announced in 2006 and then rebuilt from the ground up with a much more realistic approach. Sam Fisher returns, and he’s on a personal vendetta to track down the people responsible for his daughter’s death. Along the way, he’ll also complete side missions to assure the safety of the United States. Expect lots of exciting action and cool stealth segments with this Xbox 360 exclusive, set to debut February 2010.


Bayonetta (Sega/Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

Sega kicks off 2010 with its action heavy shooter, Bayonetta. You play as a witch with a pair of pistols and plenty of athletic moves. She’ll need them, as a barrage of demons will attempt to rip her apart. This game features over-the-top attacks (the megaton powered torture techniques look insane), along with gorgeous visuals (this is easily Platinum Games’ most visually impressive adventure to date) and a fun, twisted storyline. January 5th can’t arrive soon enough.


Metroid: Other M (Nintendo/Wii)

Initially announced by Nintendo at its 2009 E3 press conference, Metroid: Other M is an alternative take on the long-running space saga. Produced by the folks at Team Ninja, the game combines third-person action segments with the first-person shooting action found in the previous Metroid Prime games. It looks impressive thus far, especially when Samus grabs Ridley, slamming him down with a headlock and shooting him in the face. We’ll see how the game shapes up once it touches down for landing on the Wii later this year.


The Last Guardian (SCEA/PlayStation 3)

Team Ico has kept busy since the release of its epic PlayStation 2 game, Shadow of the Colossus, and 2010 will bring its latest project to light. In The Last Guardian, you work alongside an innocent little boy and a huge griffin-like creature named Trico as they navigate their way through a beautiful world. The game features various action and puzzle elements, similar to what we’ve seen in previous Team Ico games. There’s no doubt that this will be an instant classic, right up there with Colossus and the original Ico.


Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix/PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

Come March 9th, we’ll finally get our hands on Final Fantasy XIII, the latest (and perhaps greatest) chapter in Square Enix’s long-running saga. Several new characters enter the fold, including the fascinating Lightning and the well-armed Sazh Katzroy, fighting monsters in various real-time battles. The battle system has plenty of challenge to it, and the graphics are nothing short of amazing. Best of all, the game is due out for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, a rare multiplatform release for the series.


StarCraft II (Blizzard/PC)

Last but definitely not least, we have Blizzard’s impressive looking online game, which will no doubt attract millions. StarCraft II introduces various classes, as well as multiple vehicle types and all-new real-time strategies to master as you slowly take over parts of the galaxy. An all new storyline, buyable maps (through an online StarCraft II Marketplace) and an improved service will make this game a hard one to beat when it comes out later next year. That is, if it comes out at all.

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